Telluride art print

Last Thursday, when Jay and I headed out of Tucson to meet up with a community of bluegrass festival friends, I was mostly looking forward to the mountain bike riding. I’d never been to Telluride, so this was an adventure into an unknown for me. Jay had filled me in a bit about the people and the environs, but even with that knowledge, there was a lot to learn and experience.

There’s a truth about the company you keep, and the bluegrass group that Jay and Lori are part of have a shared soul of music and nature full of love and creativity. Even those who were absent were still so much a part of this event.

We came to ride – or that’s what I thought. I know what happened is much larger. It’s hard thinking about Telluride without feeling tears well up in my eyes.

It’s impossible to describe how fertile this experience was. It’s like they say “you had to be there.” The best I can do is share some of what I painted and drew in Telluride to give a feel of our time there. The view might be the same but then nothing ever stays where it is. The clouds, sun and earth are all in motion.

I know the origin of the universe is thirteen something light years away, but for this weekend, it felt like it was right here.

Here’s to you and all your “Tellurides.”

first veiw of Ingram falls

breakfast view

black pencil

Ingram painting1

Ingram painting 2

Wednesday morning ingram falls




Rudi and Jay