Rudi Cycling Art was born out of a combination of the love of cycling (in all its forms) and a love of art. Rudi’s works have been used on cycling magazine covers, race posters (including the Race Across America), and as awards for race participants.

Our mission at Rudi Cycling Art is to:
– provide quality art and excellent customer service
– enjoy cycling in the great outdoors
– promote cycling and help keep trails open


More About Rudi: Rudi grew up in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona. His first real bike was a yellow Webco BMX bike. In high school, he moved to a 10-speed touring bike. In college, he raced road bikes and excelled at mountain climbs. He got a bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona and then moved back east to get his Master’s at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Most of his early works were meticulously layered, abstract oil paintings. Some time later, Rudi returned to Tucson, taught art at Pima College, and displayed his work in a local gallery. During this time, he began his exploration into mountain biking. His journey went from a rigid bike to front-suspension to rigid singlespeed to fixed gear and eventually back to a singlespeed. All those miles. All those adventures. It was just natural that cycling started finding its way into Rudi’s art. And once it did, his creations turned up as handcrafted race awards, event posters, Dirt Rag Magazine covers, prizes in raffles, and at the Soul Ride event he was even asked to paint a large Buddha where the 100-mile Soul Ride participants & their supporters could see it.


Rudi Cycling Art and the Other Guy: Rudi Cycling Art is a collaboration between two long-time friends that have been riding bikes together since the 3rd grade. I say this so that all of you know that there really is a “we” at Rudi Cycling Art. My name is Jay. My primary role at RCA is managing the website, keeping things organized, handling most of the business related tasks, and promoting Rudi’s work — because it’s difficult for artists to promote their own work.

Rudi Cycling Art Thanks: Rudi and I would like to thank all of our extended cycling family, art lovers, and everyone that shows their support – even if it’s just a Facebook “Like” on a posted image. We also want to give a big thanks to our good friend, Dejay Birtch, who runs the Single Speed AZ event, seeks adventure, is a great idea man, and has helped us along the way (including taking the picture of the three of us on this page).