More Giro Paintings

Giro d'Italia cycling print

Getting drawn into an event where the challenges, excitement and the emotion get compressed into a brief moment is one of the pleasures of following sport. The characters are transformed from ordinary to mythic – if only for a moment. It is a spectacle.

If I was at the Giro, I doubt I could do much drawing while riding on the back of a motorcycle trying to stay in front of a field of riders going an average of over 40 km per hour. So I’ve found my own way of getting close to the race, I watch the live event on a computer screen. Then, I work with pen & paper and a camera, switching between these tools and following the race. As the race goes on, I take as many as 100 pictures and create a couple handfuls of sketches. Since I’m taking a picture of a computer screen, there are new levels of cropping and distortion added to my own point of view.

gruppo maglia rosa 2015

With this process, the picture quality, perspective, and content all give me plenty of bonus surprises.

One of my favorite pictures from this Giro has something that is at the edge of perception within the picture. And then I began throwing paint at it. The picture below shows a preliminary sketch of this. What I found while doing this image was the barest feeling of a rider and the great big wings of green behind him. Riding and flying. I can feel that in my bones. It happens every once in a while and it is an unearthly feeling. This image seems to hold that for me. I can see it in my head, without even looking at it.

winged rider giro 2015


Have a great weekend. Enjoy.

Rudi and Jay.


PS: We’re looking forward to Sir Bradley Wiggins hour ride this weekend. Here’s a prediction. 54.1 km in one hour.