A Fat Bike Sunrise

Fat Bike Sunrise

This recent work captures an early morning sunrise while riding a fat bike in Tucson’s Rillito River – which is dry most of the year. As are many of the “waterways” around Tucson.

I had the chance to borrow a “Fatback” bike for an extended period of time and my main word for the fat bike experience is FUN. A whole new world opens up with this type of bike. I felt like a young desert rat kid again – roaming the washes and dry river beds. Not only roaming, but having that feeling of exploration and freedom. Contours and vegetation vary widely in ways you never imagined while the miles pass. At one time almost barren and later almost too full of bushes and trees to find a way through. Follow the water; find the sand. Let your instincts show you the way.

I was so drawn in, that I never really fully thought about all of the things that it was freeing me from: traffic lights, cars, noise, straight lines, paved roads, trails to be followed, defined routes, routines, schedules, and time itself. Suddenly this ride was not about a route. Not about riding fast… just about riding. Riding this way. Deciding which way to turn when we got there. Not knowing how far we would go or when we would stop.